Sound Through Music

Speedy The Postman Of Sound

Hello! Speedy here! I'm the Postman of Sound. I deliver sound waves all day long. they are the most top secret sound waves and I deliver them to all the heads of governments of the world. No they can't be hacked. I have no idea what any of the messages are. I just deliver it! I don't read it. My best friend Frequency always asks me questions about my job. I always tell him I just deliver the sound waves! SMH! I love to fly! I took the longest time to learn. Everybody in my family flew before me. Now I can fly higher and faster than any of them. 

So if you wanna talk to me just click the button below. just don't ask me about any of those messages because, I DON'T KNOW! lol! 


Speedy's Very Long Day Part 1

Speedy's Very Long Day Part 2