Sound Through Music

Song writers Notes # 2

By Alicia Patterson

Hear full songs at this sound cloud Link "At The Wave"   

When I Fly

When I Fly is a very special song to me. I wrote this song with 3 friends that I lost in mind Ajax Barnard, Darryl Kemp and Chango Everette. It talks about how Speedy feels when he flies. However it's really about the life of a musician. How great it feels to be on stage. Some of the lyrics are" when I Fly I can slide down a rainbow you know. Imagine my surprise when at the end there is no pot of gold". It just simply means when musicians are doing what they love in front of an audience that loves them they are flying and they feel invincible. They all think they are gonna be rich. For most, it's a big surprise when they aren't. Produced by Patrick Adams and Perry McNeil 

Gonna Be A Star mp3

Gonna Be A Star is Ampii's song. I wanted to talk about her being a special needs kid. It's not easy for them. They have the same worries and distractions. They wonder about what they want to be when they grow up just like everybody else. Ampii has decided she's gonna be a star. These lyrics say it all. "I know that I'm different and I have this remote. People say I can't. Then they smile and make jokes. I don't care cause I know who I am and I know who I wanna be. So when their buying my tickets I'll still be nice cause I'll be rich. I'm gonna be a star. The best revenge is to do well. Yep! Produced by Patrick Adams 


The Echo song teach about what an echo is. It is sung by Miss Echo Devine. She is a let's say a seasoned singer. I wanted to do a song that took you back to the Harlem renaissance. I wanted everyone to feel like they could do the Charleston to this song. It turned out cute. Produced by Patrick Adams

Me and My Guitar

Me and My guitar, one of my favorites. I wanted Frequency to have a rock funky song. I wanted him to have a song that he could truly rock out on. It talks about how it is to have a great friend. Frequency's guitar is his best friend. This is a song about friendship and love. Produced by Patrick Adams

Decibel is the measurement of sound. He's also a character in the play. I know I wanted a rap song. When I envisioned the character he was a nerdy but cute kid. Totally the opposite of what I thought a rapper would look like. Then here's comes Chance the rapper. If you know who that is you know what I'm saying. I would have hired him for this part. Equally as talented I cast Richard Brown Jr. He does the song in his own Swag style. Another talent to watch. Produced by The Nobels. 

I'm an individual

I'm an individual is the last song in the play. All through the play We are talking about how different everybody is, and how special everybody is. You are an individual and nobody is like you. That's a good thing. Say it loud "I'm an individual!!!!" Produced by Perry McNeil