Sound Through Music

Song writers Notes # 1

By Alicia Patterson

Hear full songs at this sound cloud Link "At The Wave"   

Meet me at the wave

Meet Me At The Wave is actually the last song that I wrote. I had created a new character who is the manager of Club Wave named Coco Star! I needed a theme song. I heard Crystal Notez voice and I created a song that was perfect for her voice. As I was writing I could here her voice in my head. When I sang it to Perry McNeil the producer of this song he gave me exactly what I wanted. An upbeat funky danceable tune. Produced by Perry McNeil 

Sound Waves

(At The Wave)

Sound Wave is actually the first song I wrote. I started writing the songs before the play and the TV show, When I decided to write about sound, it just seemed to make sense that the first song would be about sound waves. All I had was a chorus and Perry suggested that I write a verse. I was planing on it being a mostly instrumental theme song. But y'all know I almost always listen to Perry. Not! But glad I listened this time. Shoji Kumamoto plays Speedy the postman of Sound. He's the information guy. It's a special part for a talented and special guy. He delivers! Lol! Produced by Perry McNeil 


Amplitude determines your attitude. Naw but it does tell you how loud or soft a sound is. It is the first element of sound that I wrote about. I wanted to write a Jazzy tune. I know most kids aren't into jazz so I thought I would compromise. I can have my Jazzy music with some fun lyrics. This was the last song I wrote before I started writing the play. It had a lot to do with how I created the character Ampii. She cool, really crazy and fun. Jillian Vitko brings it all to life. Produced by Perry McNeil

The Frequency Flow

The frequency flow is one of my rock songs. I can sing it high I can sing it low no matter how I sing it's the frequency flow. A lot of people don't know that I love rock. I love to sing it. It's freeing. So when I was creating the characters I needed a rocker to be one of them. I love old school Rolling Stones rock so I was thinking about Mick Jagger when I created the song and as far as personality. But everybody knows I was in love with Rick James when I was a kid so he definitely influenced the character's look. Myke Green portrays the character exactly how I saw him. Something else everybody knows is that "that boy can sing!". Produced by Perry McNeil


Duration tells you how long a sound is. For some reason when I said this line I heard Blackstreets song "No Diggidy". So I wanted that feel. I had no idea who would sing it. Then I said the Miss Wave character is cool chick. She should sing this one. It's funky and cool just like her. She's such a Boss. Diana Rodriguez is Miss Wave. When I saw her I said "Wow she's stunning. I hope she can sing!" I was not disappointed. Produced by Perry McNeil

I Like To Be Different

(At The Wave)

It's great to be different. Timbre is the quality of sound. You don't sound like me and I don't sound like you. I worked with special needs kids for 10 years. That's why Ampii has a remote that controls her voice. I wanted a special needs kid. I wanted to take this song and truly let everybody know how great it is to be different than everybody else. I really want kids to know to celebrate other people's differences and not to tease them. Produced by Perry McNeil

Let's Talk about the air

Let's talk about the air teaches about how sound travels. Which is through matter. When I think about how sound travels I think about the wind and the breeze. I think about the sun shining on my face. Like being in the Caribbean on a beach listening to Reggae music playin. Just relaxing. Produced By Perry Mcneil

My Ears

My ears is a song that just came to me one day. My grandma used to say "Little pitchers have big ears" which means little kids hear everything. She also used to say All eyes closed ain't Sleep!" So your ears work all the time. I really wanted to convey to the children how important they are. So I made the song fun to sing so we can celebrate every little kids very alert ears. Produced by Perry McNeil

Please Come Closer

Please come closer is the song that I introduce Decibel. In the TV show Decibel has a crush on Coco star. So in the play while Coco is shopping, Decibel calls her and she hears him but she’s not sure if she heard somebody. It's not explained in detail in the play but I do address it in the song-workbook. With that song kids learn that sound waves move slower and get weaker the farther away you are. I made it a little romantic so that I could show the crush. Produced by Perry McNeil