Sound Through Music


11am EST

Welcome to the At The Wave Experience

1 Hour Show

The At The Wave Experience for ages 3-5, is an exciting adventure in sound. This is a uniquely special presentation that will prove to be an investment in your child's scientific growth. Learning through music has been done with companies like Sesame Street, Electric Company, and my favorite, School House Rock.

I've created a presentation that is electrifying and fun. Move the couch because we will dance and sing with this riveting presentation of the science of sound- How appropriate.

For an investment of $30 for the internet feed, your children will have a live interactive presentation from the comfort of your home.

As the words of the finale song in "At The Wave The musical"

Come on everybody let's have some fun

You'll know all about it when the party is done

When It's science and it's fun the battle is won

It's all about science.

Music is Science and Science is Life!

Don't miss this opportunity. Thank you.

More Dates coming soon for virtual learning! 

Music Is Science 

Science is Life

The "At the Wave" workbook is a book specifically designed for the children to learn while having fun with music. The ABC song has been used for as long as anyone can remember. I definitely am a fan of Schoolhouse Rock. I wrote these songs, using different genres of music to expose the students to a variety of music. it was fun and exciting to write these songs and I am excited to share them with you, the real heroes.

                                                        Alicia "Reygn" Patterson


The "At the Wave" Workbook Experience

The "At the Wave" workbook was designed for the children to be able to work with it independently or in conjunction with other students. 


I really wanted to make the text engaging while introducing the characters. Identifying a face to go with the principle makes it even easier for the student to remember them.

It's not just about sound

Meet Ampii. She has special needs and she is also adopted into a family that is a different race than she is. Just a side, the children never mention that at the shows. The parents do. I wanted to normalize her differences. I wanted to teach that knowing someone different makes life more interesting. 

Let's  Experiment

I wanted to make the experiments easy with household items. I assembled a box with these items, first to make it easy if in class and to promote cleanliness in a pandemic, secondly, so that if they don't have the box they can show what they leaned with things they have around the house.

You can write in the book

I wanted to include something in the book that they have to physically write and draw. Children are on their tablets and computers all the time.

Let's sing the songs

I include the words to the songs to promote reading. Seeing the words in print will help them remember the principles also.

Meet Me At The Wave

Need about 15-20 min? Meet Me at the Wave is on Youtube on the "At the Wave'" channel. it teaches some of the principles that are in the book. My favorite is Giant Trouble. Oh wait or is it Decibel intro. Who am I kidding. I love them all.

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