Sound Through Music

Click The Photo To Listen To Music From The Cast, Written by Alicia Patterson and Produced by Perry McNeil & Patrick Adams

Alicia "Reygn" Patterson

Sound Through Music

Let's plant the seed of science in our little ones that will last a lifetime.

Do you remember a show or a movie musical that you saw when you were a little kid? I know, I did! 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', 'Mary Poppins', and one of my favorites, 'The Sound Of Music' are a few of the movies I loved. Wouldn't it be great for our 6-10 year olds to be in class one day and remember one of the 'At The Wave' songs when asked about frequency, amplitude, matter, or sound waves?

Sound Through Music's goal is to teach science through entertainment. The next project will feature Atmosphere. Boy, am I excited about that! We feel we can give our 6-10 year olds a head start in Science. Everybody loves music. So help us give our children not just a memorable experience, but information that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. 

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March 11th

$15 per stream

A 1 hr presentation that I’d like to offer your students. It is virtual and for children ages 3-5. We sing and dance and learn about sound, being different and about being a friend. This is a promo for this presentation.

                         What's New!!

Introducing "The At The Wave Experience " Workshop and The  "At The Wave"  Sound Workbook 

The  workshop teaches about sound with the use of a workbook, video and music. 

The uniqueness of this workbook focuses on the similarities of sound and science. Additional topics also address subjects that include but are not limited to, character education values, conflict resolution/mediation, confidence building, and individuality. For more info Click button!

At The Wave Experience 6-8

Introducing "The At The Wave Experience " Workshop and The  "At The Wave"  Sound Workbook 

At The Wave Experience 

Welcome to Club Wave. Club Wave is an online community that is designed to give kids a safe haven to interact with children from different areas of the world. Wou weekly zoom meetings include parties, trivia, games, celebrations, and lots of fun. Click the button and join us. 

Club Wave Sign up page!

At The Wave

The Musical

      Why can't science be fun!? Sound Through Music would like to invite you to enjoy a

memorable experience in sound. 'At The Wave' is a children's musical that teaches about the early physics of sound through music, theatre, and comedy. Our goal is to introduce principles of sound to our children while they are still young. We believe introducing these elements at this time help to encourage science awareness. They learn about sound waves, sound vibrations, amplitude and frequency. They learn the importance of sound and how it effects our everyday lives. We at Sound Through Music believe that anything can be taught and understood when spoken at a child's level. Not only will your children have lots of fun, but more importantly they will learn. But...shhhh...! Let's keep that our secret. So come and enjoy!


Ms. Wave

The Diva of Sound

 She knows how sound works and introduces every aspect of it.


The Postman Of Sound

Delivers sound waves, very knowledgeable and always passing out information.



The character can't control her volume without her remote, she either talks too loud

or too soft, but she's Amplitude and that's how she's made!


The Rocker

Always too loud. Loud with a 'Rocker' attitude, but very humble at the same time.

Coco Star

The Manager of Club Wave.

She keeps it all together. 


The Rapper of Club Wave.

Decibel is the measurement of sound

Rakim!! Hip Hop Royalty

Meet Apollo Legend CP Lacy At The Wave!

Bowlegged Lou is At The Wave

Where's My Homies? They're with Al Scratch At The Wave! 

AGT Semi finalist Mike Yung is At The Wave!

Capone The Comedian the host of The Apollo Amateur night 

Meet Me At The Wave ( Theme Song)

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Dr. Michael Willett